Stavanger ITF - Norway (G5) Image 1
Stavanger ITF - Norway (G5)
  • Due to the fact we have no free housing on this tour and the high cost of hotels/food,  we will NOT be sending a coach on this event.

    We may be able to help with a favour as sometimes Stavanger will give EE a WC to Qualifing from time to time. Contact Dave to request this and it will go this way:

    * Players with no points who are going on one of our LONG DISTANCE TOURS COME FIRST

    * Players with no points who have been longest with EuroElite and who are Tournament-Active will get the next favours.

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Pictured here: EuroEliter from age 13 years old NAM LEE HOANG (from our Partner Club in Vietnam) and WINNER OF JUNIOR WIMBLEDON DOUBLES TITLE 2016!


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