TURKEY ITF at Kaya Belek GUARANTEE ENTRY (G4) +Mini High Per ... Image 1
TURKEY ITF at Kaya Belek GUARANTEE ENTRY (G4) +Mini High Performance Camp!
  • TOUR DATES: March 22/23-April 1 (*but possible to leave March 30 or 31)

    TOUR FEE: Included in your MHPC Project Fee so this is basically a FREE TOUR!

    GUARANTEE ACCEPTANCE as GD Tennis Academy is a EuroElite PARTNER ACADEMY:-)

    This tour doubles as a ITF TOUR + TENNIS CAMP (Hard Court) = TOURNA-CAMP! This means no matter the result of your ITF event, you will have 3.5-4.0 hours of training on Hard Court getting you READY FOR JSM!

    *IF YOU MUST LEAVE EARLY FOR JSM...NO PROBLEMS! We can arrange this.

    Flights: ca 2500:sek  CPH or ARL - Oslo - Antalya (bypassing Istanbul Airport)

    5-STAR ALL INCLUSIVE RESORT HOTEL for only 65euros per night!

    Perfect Tourna-Camp to "qualify" for EuroElite tours and still do one at the SAME TIME:-)



Albin Franzén, Carl Emill Overbeck, Johan Falck, Erik Eliasson, Rikard Rååd

foto venezuela 2

Pictured here: EuroEliter from age 13 years old NAM LEE HOANG (from our Partner Club in Vietnam) and WINNER OF JUNIOR WIMBLEDON DOUBLES TITLE 2016!


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